A Gift

It has been said that behind every great man is a greater woman. That is certainly true in my case. I am not a great man, but a do have a great wife. Other than Yahweh and Yahushua, there is no greater influence on me than my beloved. She deserves honor and praise for putting up with me so many years. Thank you my beautiful bride!

The scriptures state that a honorable wife is more precious than rubies, a fine treasure, more importantly a wife is a gift from Yahweh Himself, the perfect gift. As I mentioned above, I have not been the perfect husband. I know by reading the scriptures how I should act, but that is not always lived out appropriately and it is my wife that suffers the consequences the most.

My wife and I have been through a lot of pain, a lot of grief and sorrow that should not be in a marriage, certainly not a marriage serving our loving Heavenly Father, but we stay faithful and never give up on each other and the work that Yahweh is doing in us. Since the man is the leader of the home, the man needs to take full responsibility of what happens inside of his home, no exceptions or excuses. 

It is CALLED MINISTRIES goal to help everyone that we can, in every way that we can. But the sanctity of marriage and the family unit is something very dear to us because it is dear to our Father.  With that said, there is nothing that a loving husband should not be willing to do for his beloved, just as Yahushua  gave His all to the church.

Keep my beloved and I’s family in your prayers and we will keep yours in our prayers.

Every now and than I will draw my beloved a picture, write a poem or do something else to express my love towards her and our Lord and King. So, at times I post those on here.