Feel Lost

Do you feel lost in this dark empty world? Yahweh and Yahushua are the answers to all of life’s many problems.


Have you, or someone you have known, ever felt lost and confused about all the religions in the world? I know that my family and I experienced this. We may always find some confusion in the world, but how we are to act and what we believe as brothers and sisters in the Messiah should not be a major place of confusion.


My wife and I met, feel in love, got married, had our first children and started our lives together many years ago. For a few years we attended a non-denominational, verse by verse New Testament church. On Sundays we would read verse by verse, chapter by chapter through the New Testament and on Wednesday nights, we would do the same, but through the Old Testament. We felt that we were truly getting the word of our Heavenly Father and in a way we were, but unknown to us we were not taught the whole story.


In 2009 we decided to move to south Texas for a job transfer. We believed it would be easy to find like minded believers, set ourselves up in a local church without skipping any Sundays. We quickly discovered that this would not be the case. We found that every church had their own idea of “sin”, their own doctrine, their own rules how to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, their own ideas of right from wrong and all of them had verses and scripture to point to in order to show how their beliefs were correct.


This caused my wife and I to leave mainstream Christianity and read the whole Bible for ourselves and have our Creator’s voice tell us what is right and wrong, without having religion and traditions of men get in the way. We did a lot of research on “The Church”. We found that there are over 25,000 Christian religions in the world today and all of them believe in many similar things as well as many different things. So we asked ourselves, “If we all serve one Heavenly Father, there is only one begotten Son and one Holy Spirit, why is there so much division?”.


Well, we found out that it all started in the garden. Our enemy, the Devil, Satan, works hard every minute of every hour of every day to confuse, divide and conquer all of the Creator’s children. He twisted, perverted and manipulated Yahweh’s words 6,000 years ago and he still does it today. This is leading may souls astray and possibly lost forever.


He has convinced most Americans and other people all over the world that certain things are acceptable, tolerated and even excused by our Heavenly Father as long as you believe that “Jesus” is the son of God. In the book of James, he writes that even the demons know this and tremble. So knowing this fact is not enough. Living your life in obedience to the whole Word and having complete faith in Yahushua for forgiveness of your sins is what we need for repentance and happiness.


Think about it. In America you have Hollywood, politicians , drug addicts, harlets, alcoholics, the rich and the poor all claiming to be Christians and having the answers, but a large portion of these groups of people are some of the most unhappy and depressed people in America. If fornication, drugs and wild parties is the answer; then harlets, drug addicts and people of Hollywood would be the happiest people on the planet, the truth is, they are not.


One night my wife ran into a woman, she displayed signs of depression so my wife talked to her for a moment. My wife found out that the woman felt lost and confused about life. On the outside she appeared to have everything going for her. Her hair was freshly done from a salon, her nails were professionally done, she was wearing nice clothes, she had a good job, her and a man seemed to be in love and they were living together while planning a future wedding, so in the world’s standards she was living a dream, yet she felt miserable.  She would not and could not grasp the idea that her Creator was speaking to her and calling her to have a deeper, more meaningful and loving relationship with Him. Not a relationship where she is acting as the world and comparing herself to her peers, but a relationship where she gives her life to Him in complete obedience and when she falls short, she relies on the forgiveness and grace that can only come from the Heavenly Father through the blood and sacrifice of His only begotten Son Yahushua.


So, why am I telling you all of this? If you feel lost in your religion, if you feel lost in the world If you feel like you are just playing “Church” and not growing in your relationship or understanding of our Creator, if you feel confused as to why there are so many conflicts in the Christian faith today and you are looking for answers, if you feel alone in a crowd of people, if you see something wrong in the way you or your family and friends are living your lives but you don’t know how or why, then it could be because your Creator, Yahweh is calling you to have as closer, obedient and more meaningful relationship with Him. He may be asking you to give up all the carnality of the life you are in and walk in His Spirit, He may be asking you to walk in His ways, to find true happiness in keeping His precious instructions for righteous living, His feast days and truly walk as His Son walked.


If you do feel lost and If this interests you at all, please feel free to contact us through our Contact Page  at any time and we will do our best to lead you by the Spirit and direct you to those who can help. Yahweh is calling all of His children back to Him, one soul at a time, bringing unity once again.


An eternity is a long time to be wrong.


May Yahweh bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you.